Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cross Country to Nauvoo!

Our kids dragged their feet to go to Nauvoo Illinois--but it turned up on the list of everyone's favorite spots! Make at least two days and nights here. You'll want to see both pageants, and there is far more to enjoy than you can in one day.

Be advised that it's difficult to find food here! Seems like things closed at 2pm. Call around first and find a place, if you intend on eating in town. We did end up finding a place (with Wifi, my teens were happy about that):

Nauvoo Mill & Bakery,
1530 Mulholland St,
Nauvoo IL 62354,
Hours: 8am-5pm M-Sat., Sunday 11am-4pm Summers only (closed Sundays November to May)

For those of you who don't have an RV, these gals also have an inn: White House Inn, 3 rooms with private baths

They took a long time to make the food (and we were so hungry!) but it was delicious. They had gluten-free options as well. We had cold and hot sandwiches, they cost about $4.50 each.

 There is a very small grocery store:
Nauvoo Market
1385 Mulholland
Nauvoo Ill

We stayed at the Nauvoo State Park. We arrived when it was very dark, and that made it complicated finding our spot, but we managed. It's among the trees, which was nice, but didn't spend much time in the park itself. We drove over and parked at the Visitor's Center and in a parking lot next to the horse wagon rides. There was plenty of room!

Visitor's Center
Go to the Visitor's Center First Thing! You'll get a schedule of everything going on, be able to get the free tickets you need, and hear the tips for seeing Nauvoo. Plus you'll get a copy of the Nauvoo Neighbor newspaper.

Nauvoo Temple
For those of you who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, call the Nauvoo Temple and reserve a time for baptisms for your family. It was wonderful!!!

For everyone, visit the Temple Visitor's Center for information on tracing your family history, and a free 14 minute movie called The Temple Reborn, which explains the purpose of temples and shows many of the beautiful rooms in the Nauvoo Temple. The temple gardens also have a statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith on horseback.

Oxen Ride
We rode a real covered  wagon behind real oxen. I recommend it! I realized I would have walked rather than ride if I were a pioneer crossing the plains headed West. That wagon was bumpy even with a short ride.  Fun!

Wagon Ride
We rode a horse wagon tour to see all of Nauvoo. We wanted to see it all before we started walking--so we could decide what to focus on. I'm glad we did. It was a nice overview, covered, and fairly comfortable.

There was another horse wagon ride that had a long line. It took people out into the countryside. I wanted to go, but we only had one day. :(

Red Brick Store
My husband gave each of my children money to spend in this store--on anything they liked! They really enjoyed that. They bought horehound candy, pencil sharpeners (in cool shapes, like a paddle boat with a moving wheel), and a tatting kit.
This store is run by the Community of Christ church.

Red Brick Store
865 Water St.
PO Box 338
Nauvoo, ILL 62354

In 2016 Nauvoo boasted two pageants: The Nauvoo Pageant and The British Pageant. We regretted only planning one night here, because they rotate the play every other night. And The Nauvoo Pageant was FABULOUS! Even cynical teens enjoyed it. If you want good seats, rope off your seats around 2pm, otherwise it's luck of the draw. We were in the second section of seats, but were able to sit together in spite of not reserving our seats in advance. And we could watch just fine.

Before the pageant begins, there is a Country Fair. There was round dancing with a live band, old fashioned games, children's activities/crafts, and picnic tables/concessions/restrooms. The cast (which is large) helps out with the games while in costume and it was tremendous fun. Our kids sawed off a round of wood that was burned with a Nauvoo logo.

Nauvoo and British Pageants
July 5-Junly 30
Begins at 8:30pm on the alwn south of W. Grove on Partidge St (following the Country Fair that begins at 7pm). No performances on Sundays or Monday

Sites to See for Tours and Demonstrations:

  • Brickyard
  • Brigham Young House
  • Browing Home and Gunsmith Shop (we loved this!)
  • Cultural Hall
  • Family Living Center
  • Heber C Kimball Home
  • John Taylor Home
  • Land and Records Office
  • Lucy Mack Smith Home
  • Lyon Drug Store (I enjoyed this one)
  • Pendleton Home and Log School
  • Post Office
  • Print Shop
  • Quarry Overlook
  • Riser Boot and Shoe
  • Sarah Granger Kimball Home
  • Scovil Bakery (free cookie!)
  • Seventies hall
  • Stoddard Tin Shop
  • Webb Brothers' Blacksmith Shop (free nail ring)
  • Wilford Woodruff Home
The Browning Gunsmith Tour
Outdoor Activities
There are lots of other activities--I wish I had known about some of these in advance:
Handcart Trek--Treks can be 1, 2, or 3 miles in length. Call to schedule a time 217--577-2603 7:30am-12:30pm.

Carriage Ride to Inspiration Point-Need free tickets from visitor's center. 8:15am-1:45pm

Pioneer Pastimes-Participate in pioneer games, stories and activities with your whole family, 9am-6pm

SHOWS (for 2016 anyway)

Just Plain Anna Amanda
10:30am, 12:30pm
Cultural Center
Free tickets required

Nauvoo Brass Band and Nauvoo Singers
Performing before Sunset by the Mississippi at 6:30pm

The Promise
2:30pm, 4:30pm
Historic Nauvoo Visitors' Center
West Theater
Free tickets required

Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo
7pm, 8:15pm
Cultural Hall
Free Tickets Required

Pageant Bagpiper Band
Uptown Nauvoo on Mulholland St

Sunset by the Mississippi
(pre-show 6:30pm Brass Band Concert and Children's Parade)
Nauvoo Outdoor Stage

You can see why one day and night was not enough here!

PS Sunday services are at 7:50am, 9:30am, and 12pm at 385 N. Wells St.

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