Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Little Prep for RV Living

Living in an RV after living a house, no matter the house size, will be an adjustment. Here are a couple things that stood out to me, so you can know in advance;

Things stay cleaner if your shoes come off. Things stay more organized if you have a box by the side door just for shoes.

Be prepared: The back bed is very bouncy while driving. This turned out to be a blessing. Everyone, including our teenagers, congregated toward the front of the RV. We got some GREAT conversations with everyone squished up front. And that's part of what made this trip SO absolutely beneficial for my Mother's heart before my two eldest left home for good.

The cupboards slam shut. This is tremendously startling at first. And people need training to shut the cupboards without the SNAP.

Paper goods are awesome on this trip. Washing in the sink takes water (which makes more dump stops) and it takes time away from the vacation portion. I highly recommend paper goods and plasticware!

Check with your cell phone service. It was cheaper for us to add a month of extra minutes in advance, than rack them up on the road. This made it so we could occasionally use our cell for a hot spot to use our laptop or watch a movie. Since we've moved to VidAngel, Amazon Video and Netflix (rather than hands on dvds) we enjoyed this benefit. Alternatively, Red Box still exists and they rent dvds that can be dropped off along the road, so that's another idea.

We preferred our C-Class RV. This type of RV has a bed over the driver (as opposed to A-Class, which looks like a tour bus). That bed was voted "The Best Spot in the House" by our kids.

When looking for an RV stop for the night:

1. Make sure there are showers at least every couple days. There is a shower in the RV, but we never used it for anything more than storage (well, a laundry basket to gather dirty clothes). Showers can cost at truck stops, so make sure you ask the right questions (Is it the same price for two people as one? Are towels/soap/shampoo included? Is there a timer? Does the timer start immediately or after I lock the door?)

2. Is there a way to wash clothes? We traveled for 3 weeks, and we needed to do laundry every couple days. There's normally a charge to wash/dry (save your quarters!!! Sometimes there's no change machine and the office is closed for the night!!).

3. Is there wifi? We had teens. They missed Wifi. However all Wi-Fi is not created equal. We stayed at several RV parks that supposedly had Wi-Fi, but it was too slow to use, or all the slots available for Wi-Fi were full.

4.  Some RV Parks have a limit on the amount of people who can stay in one RV spot. You'll have to decide how you interpret that number yourself.

5.  Where available, we picked RV spots that were pull-through. Not because our rig was particularly large, but it did make it so much easier to enter and exit the RV spot.

6.  Read the reviews about the RV park. We found that very helpful!

 I am so excited for the memories you will share like going across country in an RV!


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