Thursday, October 27, 2016

Crossing the Nation Itinerary #2

This was an itinerary sent me by a family member. This was an RV based trip to see LDS Church History sites (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). The dates were June 11-June 26, and it was for three motorhomes traveling in a caravan.

June 11, Sat
Depart Moapa 7am (PST) 199 miles= 3 hours 45 min
Cove Fort 11:45 am (MST) Lunch and a Break
12:30pm (MST) Back on the road. 235 miles= 4 hrs 15 min.
4:45 pm (MST) Rabbit Valley Recreation Area near Grand Junction Colorado. Dinner

June 12 Sunday
Depart 6:45 am (MST) 169 miles 3hrs 5 min
9:50 am (MST) Church 155 Nottingham Ranch Rd CO
1:15 pm (MST) Depart. 220 miles. 4 hours.
5:15 pm (MST) Dinner in Flagler Town Park, CO. 75 miles 1hr 20min
Exit 383 and 437 have RV dumps (If Needed)
7:35 pm (CST) Goodland, Kansas Sleep at Walmart

June 13 Monday

Depart 7:00 am (CST) 239 miles 4hrs 20min
Exit 97, 131, 224 RV Dump 30 minutes
11:50 am (CST)Lakewood Park in Salina KS Lunch and Rest
12:50 (CST) Back on the road. 186 miles 3hrs 30min
4:20pm (CST) arrive and stay at Kansas City Temple (Sleep at Church Parking Lot)
11:15 pm (CST) Pick up a niece at airport

June 14 Tuesday
Depart 8:30 am (CST) 15 miles
9:00 am (CST) Independence Visitors Center
10:00-12:00 (CST) Independence Walking Tour 14 sites
12:30-1:30 (CST) Lunch
1:30 pm Tour Community of Christ Temple
2:30 Depart 13 miles
3:00pm Liberty Jail
4:30 (CST) depart 28 miles
5:30 Pioneer Cemetery in Richmond MO (Thornton and Crispin street)
6:15 pm Depart 22 miles
6:45 pm Watkins Mill State Park ($13 for Basic Camping Spot)

June 15 Wednesday
8:15 am (CST) Depart 29 miles 40 minutes
9:00 am Far West
9:45 Depart 32 miles 45 minutes
11:00 Adam Ondi Ahman and Lunch
1:00 pm depart 34 miles 50 minutes
2:00 pm Hauns Mill
2:45 (CST) Depart 143 miles 2hrs 40min
5:10 pm Warren Barret Drive just West of Admiral Coontz Armory sewer dump (if needed)
5:30 Hannibal MO Mark Twain and Dinner
6:30 pm Huckleberry Park
8:30 pm Sleep at Walmart

June 16 Thursday
7:00 am Depart (CST) 69 miles 1hr 30min
8:30 am (CST) Arrive at Temple ( Kids play at adjacent park)
9:00 - 11:00 Temple Session
11:00 - 12:00 Temple Baptisms
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Nauvoo Visitor Center and Monument to Women Garden
2:30-4:30 Historic Sites (Heber C Kimball Home, blacksmith shop, Scovil Bakery, the brickyard, the Browning home and gun shop, and the Family Living Center
4:45 pm Nauvoo State Park Camping $20 per night (RV Dump adjacent to site)
5:00 pm Trail of Hope
6:00 Dinner
8:30pm BYU Folk Dancers (For Die Hards)

June 17 Friday
8:00 - 10:30 am Laundry
11:00am Joseph Smith Tour ($4 per person community of Christ)
1:00pm Lunch
2:30 The Promise Movie/Play Amanda
3:30 Explore Nauvoo (wagon rides, children games, theatre, Pioneer Pastimes, etc)
7:00pm Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo play (Free tickets required)
Nauvoo State Park

June 18 Saturday
8:00 am Dump Sewers
8:30 am (CST) Depart 23 miles 30 minutes
9:00 am Carthage Jail
10:30 am Depart for Kirtland (Lunch on the road) 195 miles 3hrs 30min
2:00 pm Gilman, IL (CST) Dairy Queen for stretch and rest
2:30 pm (CST)Depart 144 miles 2hrs 30min
6:00 pm (EST) Dinner Indiana with Grandparents near Warsaw (Municipal Park Center Lake)
8:00 pm Walmart for the night

June 19 Sunday
7:45 am (EST)Depart 107 miles 2hrs
9:45 am Church in Lima Ohio (1195 Brower Road Lima, OH 45801)
1:15 pm Depart 188 miles 3hrs 30min
4:45 pm (EST) John Johnson Farm
5:30 pm Depart 32 miles 45min Eat on Road
6:15 pm Kirtland Visitors Center
8:00 pm Sleep Stake Center Parking Lot

June 20 Monday
9:00 am (EST) Kirtland Temple Visitors Center
9:30 am Kirtland Temple Tour ($3 per person Church of Christ)
11:00 am Newel K Whitney Store
12:00 pm Whitney Home
1:00 pm Kirtland Sawmill
2:00 pm Isaac Morley Farm
3:00pm Depart towards Priesthood Restoration Site 173 miles 3hrs
6:00 pm Olean, NY Church Parking lot (1935 Windfall Road) Forness Park option

June 21 Tuesday
6:30 am (EST) Depart 190 miles 3hrs 30min
Sewer dump Elmira Waste Treatment Plant 600 Milton St
10:30 am Priesthood Restoration Site
12:30 am Depart (eat lunch on the fly) 109 miles 2hrs
2:30 pm Peter Whitmer Farm
3:30 pm Depart 26 miles 40mim
4:15 pm Hill Cumorah Visitor Center
5:30 pm Hill Cumorah Hike
6:30 pm Dinner and Sleep at Church Parking lot
8:00 pm Walk around Palmyra Temple (If you want)

June 22 Wednesday
8:00am (EST) Sacred Grove
9:30am Smith Family Farm, Log Home
11:00 pm Grandin Building Book of Mormon
12:00 pm Depart 108 miles 2hrs (eat lunch on road)
2:00 pm Niagra Falls
4:00 pm depart 110 miles 2hrs 30min
6:30 pm Harborcreek, PA Walmart

June 23 Thursday
6:45 am (EST) Depart 170 miles 3hrs
9:45 am Cedar Point Amusement Park Sandusky, OH ($42 per person group rate)
10:00 am - 6:00 pm Amusement Park 29 miles
7:00 pm Sleep park parking lot/Fremont, OH Walmart/Fremont, OH church 831 Smith

June 24 Friday
7:00 am Depart
7:15 am Sewer Dump Sandusky Fair Grounds 901 Rawson Avenue
7:45 am Depart 175 miles 3hrs 15min
11:00 am Grandparents House in Indiana

Visit on the way home to Nevada:
  • Effigy Mounds National Monument
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Bad Lands
  • Yellowstone

Thank you C. Family!!

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